This is usually noticed on the steering wheel when the car exceeds 80 km / h. There are many reasons why the car vibrates at a certain speed on the road.

It has happened to all of us, when we circulate on the road at a certain speed we notice some small vibrations in our car. This is something that has happened to every driver and before this the following question always arises: why does the car vibrate at a certain speed ?

The answer to this question lies in a number of reasons that may have to do with the engine, the wheels, the suspension or even the axles of our vehicle. When there is something wrong, we will quickly notice that when the 80 km / h is exceeded, a series of vibrations occur in the steering wheel. So when this happens, it is advisable to visit the mechanic to find a solution to your problems. Keep in mind that with MAPFRE Car Insurance , you can have a replacement car at your disposal.

The reasons why the car vibrates at a certain speed


Tires are a very important part of our car and a poor condition of these can even lead to an accident. One of the great reasons why the car vibrates at a certain speed is because of these, since this will occur when they have uneven wear or have a defect derived from the passage of time. And it is that, for example, many wheels usually have deformations when the vehicle is a time without being used. So that this does not happen, it is advisable to check the pressure of the 4 tires of your car with some regularity. This way you will avoid misfortunes on the road.

The direction

This has to be perfectly balanced, because if it is not, the tires will roll in an unnatural way and that will lead to the vibration of the steering wheel. And it is that a misaligned direction leads to greater wear of the wheels, a worse dynamic behavior of the car, an increase in consumption and the so-called vibrations.


This has to do because the shock absorbers are in a bad condition. We may initially think that vibration is a matter of the tires but the problem may go further and be related to the suspension of the car, which can cause them to fail. Faced with this misfortune, the ideal will be to change the four shock absorbers of the car.


Wheels and brakes are the main reasons why the car vibrates at a certain speed. This is because the brake discs on the front end of our vehicle are deformed and not completely flat, as it should be.


Although it seems that it has nothing to do, the answer to the question why the car vibrates at a certain speed may also be in the engine. And it is that this, although it does not usually happen very often, may be derived from problems in the spark plugs or the lack of air in it.