what does it mean when your Car starts then dies immediately

If it ever happened to you, you may have wondered in anguish “Why does my car start and stop ?” It is a common problem and the reasons are diverse and, oddly enough, it can also happen in new cars that have  just left the factory.

Typically, the reasons why the  car starts and stops  are caused by electrical or mechanical failures, without ruling out that they are the consequence of maintenance.

Because we know what it is like to live this situation and we want to avoid that you  stay on the highway  or go crazy thinking that you suffer one of those  nightmare breakdowns , we have compiled the main reasons why the car starts and stops.

Why my car starts then dies after few seconds: the battery

A classic reason is battery drain. When starting, the car needs electricity from the battery, if it does not even start at the beginning, it is evident that the failure is electrical due to lack of charge. It may happen that, when the battery is close to exhaustion, it has enough force to start, at that moment the alternator generates a minimum of electricity and keeps the car running, but when the demand for electrical energy is greater and cannot accumulate in the battery from wear and tear, the car remains dead

A battery change could solve the problem. That the assistance or in the workshop check if the battery has power or not and, if not, replacing it, the fault will be solved. It can also be caused by the other element already mentioned: the alternator.

Why car turns over but wont stay running: the alternator

The alternator supplies electrical energy that it sends to the battery where it accumulates and is distributed throughout the rest of the vehicle’s electrical system. The car’s combustion engine makes the alternator work, which then produces electricity that recharges the battery continuously.

If the alternator fails or directly breaks, the battery will be the only electrical source of the car, once the accumulated energy is exhausted, then the car starts but stops due to lack of electricity.

Why car starts then shuts off: the flowmeter

The flowmeter is an element that is located between the air filter and the air intake manifold, it is the manager of the amount of air that enters the engine for combustion.

An erroneous reading of the data it collects, since it is an electronic component that interprets the caloric coefficient, can cause errors in the car’s operation, such as loss of power, unstable idle speed or being the cause that, even if the car starts, it stops. when taking an incorrect air temperature reading. This flowmeter is also responsible for sending orders to other parts such as the EGR valve.

Why car starts then sputters and dies: the EGR valve.

We already told you in the article dedicated to the EGR valve (what it is, breakdowns and advice ) and now we rescue it by treating the reasons why a car starts and stops. The EGR receives information from various sources, including the flowmeter, to open the springs it has and to correctly perform the recirculation of harmful gases.

If the EGR valve is damaged it can cause that, even though the car starts, it stops due to not being able to perform the correct gas recirculation.

We have talked about electricity, combustion gases and now it is time to enter the fuel managers as one of the reasons why the car starts and stops.

Why my car starts and stops: the fuel pump

The gasoline or diesel pump is a device in charge of sending the fuel from the tank to the engine injectors. It is a part that, if it breaks, can cause a lack of fuel, causing it not to start, the car to start and stop, or to feel sporadic power losses while driving.

This pump is regulated by an electrical relay, a failure in it can be the cause of a direct failure of the pump without it being damaged.

Why car starts then dies immediately unless i give it gas: Fuel Injectors

We have said that the pump acts as an intermediary between the fuel tank and the engine where it will be consumed as long as the injectors work correctly. The injectors are in charge of regulating the flow of diesel or gasoline fuel . If these fail, it can cause erratic vehicle behavior.

Its obstruction by particles that are generated in the fuel tank can end up causing them to fail and cause a car breakdown.

But, as always, in the event of a breakdown or failure, it is best to go to the trusted workshop and assess the symptoms on the spot on the spot and hopefully it is not one of the  most expensive breakdowns  that a vehicle may suffer.

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