9 solid reasons why your car wont start but lights come on & battery is fine

If your car does not start it may be due to all kinds of problems, from engine failures to any detail related to gasoline or battery.

In this article we have compiled the most common failures that answer the big question of “why doesn’t my car start?” with the solutions to be able to start the car again in each one of them.

Possible reasons why your car won’t start battery is good

Whether a car starts or not depends on hundreds of reasons, but the most common causes are always related to the 5 sections that you can see below.

Battery problems

The battery is usually the main culprit that the car does not start. The usual thing is that you have been discharged, because you left the lights or any other device on or because it has been a long time since you recharged or changed the battery.

To restart it, you can do one of two things:

  • Pushing the car downhill:  Ask other people to push the car down a hill (which is not very steep) and try to start the car on the move taking advantage of the power of kinetics. If the battery has some charge left, it will surely start and charge with about 20 minutes of circulation.
  • Recharge the battery:  if the battery is completely discharged, you will not be able to start the car or push it. You will have to use a battery charger or charge the battery by connecting it to that of another car. You can learn how to charge your car battery here .
  • Change the battery : Once the battery has failed, it is very likely that it will do so, so we recommend that you change it as soon as possible. In this article we explain how to do it. Remember that in our store we have batteries for all vehicles at a very good price.

Car won’t start but lights come on? So that this does not happen to you again, remember to check the battery  once a year to see its state and to know if it is necessary to change it or not.

Car wont start battery is fine

If car wont start just clicks but lights work, the problem may also be due to the battery. However, if you check the battery and it is charged and you also hear a clicking noise when starting, the problem is almost certainly the starter motor . The battery supplies the power to start, but the starter motor does not give the car the physical strength necessary to do so.

You will surely hear the noise when you turn the key, indicating that the starter is on last and needs to be changed. The price of this change ranges from $ 60-70 in some models to almost $ 300 in others , so you will have to look at what your car needs to know how much it will cost to repair it.

Another possibility is that the ignition switch does not work . To find out if this is the problem, just turn the key and see if the warning lights work. If they don’t, the problem may be this, which is much milder than that of the starter motor. Or if car won’t start but radio works, then visit the nearest garage.

Lack of gasoline

Does your car start and has a battery? It may seem silly, but … have you checked if the car has run out of gas? If you haven’t filled the tank in a while, you will have to go to a gas station with a container and then put it in the car. And if you have recently refueled and run out of gas, the car may have a leak in the tank and it is emptying at a high speed.

In case you suspect that the problem is that, you just have to look under the engine and see if there are traces of gasoline. It is not very common, but an impact with any element of the road could damage the tank and cause that leak.

My car doesn’t start cold or when it gets hot

Changes in temperature can give you a lot of problems when starting the car, especially if it is diesel. If the problem is not with the battery, which can also fail due to heat or cold, the failure may be in a sensor or in the heaters (diesel cars) .

The oil has to have a certain degree of viscosity, which is lost in high and low temperatures. If that oil becomes too liquid or too thick, it will be impossible for the car to start. To solve it, you would only have to change the oil for one that better adapts to the ambient temperature .

My car won’t start and my battery is charged and oil

Diesel, as we have discussed in the previous section, may have more difficulties to start, especially in cold temperatures. Still, if the car doesn’t start it may be because the glow plugs are n’t working properly. If your car has a gasoline engine, the problem may be due to the spark plugs not being in good condition.

To learn how to change spark plugs, both for preheating and for a gasoline engine, you can read our article on  how and when to change car spark plugs .

If you do not find the reason why your car does not start or is not one of these, comment and we will try to help you discover how to start your car again.

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