Honda hrv problems & complaints that you should know for sure

When it comes to buying a car, one of the things consumers are most concerned about is reliability. That is if they will have to go through the mechanic a lot and how much each visit will cost them.

Honda HRV issues

That is why it is important to study the lists of the cars that have given the best response to buyers who have previously acquired one. There can always be an exceptional case, but in general, the results that have been given to the owners are a great clue to know where we have to move.

For example, the one published by the British magazine What Car, one of the most prestigious nationwide. The medium has collected opinions from up to 18,000 readers about their experience with their models.

The three least reliable SUVs on the market

In this sense, one of the least reliable cars in recent years is the SUV range is the   Honda HR-V . The Japanese model is part of the podium of the models with the most problems. The main ones: in the body, in the exhaust, in the navigation system, and in the wheels.

Another one on this list is the Citroën C4 Cactus . The French model has major failures in the electric motor, brakes, motor and wheels.

The top 3 is completed by the Jeep Renegade . This reflects major failures in the gearbox and clutch, electrical system and satellite navigation.

Honda hrv transmission problems

In the HR-V 2019, the LX version with manual transmission is no longer offered, which even the 2018 honda HRV model was entry-level. Now, there are only options with the CVT automatic gearbox, at prices starting at R $ 92,500. This puts him at a disadvantage compared to some rivals, who have options in the range of R $ 80,000 (Jeep Renegade is one of them) – and even R $ 70,000 (Hyundai Creta, for example).

If on the one hand the HR-V 2019 was better in overtaking, on the other hand, it was very bad in uphill. He seems to have lost the strength to start accelerating from low revs.

Another point that I already considered weak, and that has not improved, is the finish. The plastics used in the internal coatings are very hard, and there are no elements that bring modernity to the cabin.

The main reason for not buying the HR-V is the ergonomics. I have trouble finding the ideal driving position and there are no electrical adjustments for the driver’s seat. I also consider the trip button on the on-board computer, in fact a rod on the panel, poorly positioned.

Another point that I consider bad is the location of the USB ports, which are under the center console (understand in the video above). The driver needs to do contortion to access them.

The expectation of someone who buys a zero-kilometer car is to have no problems anytime soon, hoping to take the car back to the dealership just to do the overhauls.

This is even more important when the model is in a competitive segment such as SUVs, as is the case with the Honda HR-V . Currently sold in four versions, with prices ranging between R $ 81,900 and R $ 108,900, the model has had a good performance in sales since it was launched in March 2015.

After finishing 2017 with 47,775 units sold, the HR-V came in second among SUVs (behind only the Jeep Compass) and in 10th place overall. In 2018 history has been repeating itself and in a very fierce way. The Honda model already registered 12,832 units between January and March, against 12,978 for the Compass (a difference of only 146 units).

Honda HRV problems

But, to continue with good performance, it is essential that the HR-V has the minimum number of complaints among its owners. And what do they think of your experience with the Japanese SUV? See below the reports of the main problems seen so far, as expressed on the website Reclame Aqui.

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